17 . 06 . 2013
  • math test: a farmer plants 7 crops of tomatoes and 3 crops of carrots what is the probablity his moms name is leslie
  • history test: the american civil war ended in 1865, explain how this had a defining role in the extinction of dinosaurs
  • literature test: explain what the author meant by, "the apple was as red as an apple"
  • physics tests: The aliens ate 3.4 doughnuts. Their crumbs fell to the Earth because of gravity. Calculate how many penguins are eating pancakes at the speed of light.
16 . 06 . 2013


let’s invent a game called “infomercial”

when someone yells “infomercial” at you, you have to completely fuck up whatever you’re doing in a hilarious and melodramatic way

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When you feel bad about your procrastination, remember that Harry had 3 months to figure out the golden egg clue and he waited until the like night before to do it. At least you’re not gonna die for not doing your homework.

Oh my god this is the most encouraging thing I’ve ever read in my life

im sorry, but did you just refer to the SNITCH as a golden egg? 


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14 . 06 . 2013




no homo

whole homo

2% homo

skim homo

don’t cry over spilled homo


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